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Madden Mobile 17: New 99 Overall Tony Romo Career Tribute Card Released

4/5/2017 12:48:40 PM

Tony Romo's Career Tribute card just came out in Madden Mobile 17 a few hours ago. Tony Romo announced his retirement. He's going to be a broadcaster now. He gets injured, but he leads the cowboys in passing yards and touchdowns. 

He gets 2 new cards in Madden Mobile. There's a 90 overall that we can get from playing a live event. The card is not auctionable. There's also a 99 overall card with very nice card art, +2 awareness, +2 strength, 95 throw power, 98 short, 96 mid, 92 deep and 78 speed.

Cowboys QB Tony Romo celebrates an elite career with a Career Tribute Live Event that awards a 90 OVR Tony Romo for your first win. Also, be on the lookout for 99 OVR Tony Romo Career Tribute Item in packs now until 6AM ET 4/7.

tony romo career tribute

90 QB 73 SPD, 75 ACC, 91 TAS, 73 STR, 88 ARW, 90 TAM, 73 AGI, 90 THP and 85 TAD

99 QB +2 AWR, +2 STR 78 SPD, 80 ACC, 98 TAS, 83 STR, 96 AWR, 96 TAM, 80 AGI, 95 THP and 92 TAD

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