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Madden 17 Ultimate Team Night Train Lane NTL for Easter Promo

4/7/2017 6:00:52 PM

madden 17 easter ntl

Hours ago, Madden Ultimate Team posted on Twitter with hashtag #EggRush. The 99 OVR Night Train Lane is coming to Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team. The key attributes are revealed, with HT 6'1", AGI 93, PRS 92, SPD 95, MCV 95, PRC 94, ACC 96, ZCV 96 and CTH 83. The BH (Big Hitter) and PS (Pick Specialist) means that you're going to get speed on him. What this player item doesn't have is his hit power which is always pretty good.

Let's compare this card to his original item from the start of the year. The 95 OVR Night Train Lane has SPD 91, ACC 92, AGI 88, STR 81, JMP 91, AWR 90, PRC 90, MCV 92 and ZCV 93. What's great about the new Night Train Lane is the double tip drill and double hit power. 

This year's Easter will fall on April 16. The release of the new Night Train Lane will mean the start of the Easter promo in Madden 17. The promo is very likely to be similar to the previous ones where Easter players, packs and sets, among other things, were available. Here are some predictions on the upcoming Easter promo. We can expect new Easter themed players, packs, sets and solo challenges. To complete the set, we will need Easter Egg collectibles. We can earn the collectible by adding a certain amount of Easter Eggs to the set. 

How to Get Night Train Lane

The new NTL is yet to be released, and the details of the promo remain unknown. How do we get this new NTL? Well, we can only guess, based on how it worked. We will probably need a certain amount of Easter Eggs of different tiers and Easter players of different tiers. We will keep up with the upcoming details and get you informed of the latest update.

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